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As the regular riders should have noticed,  the Marshalling situation at our meetings has improved since the middle of 2021.  There are two reason for this. 

1) Nikki Moss-Robins, with a lot of support from hubby Mark (Rider 966), started organising the Marshals in advance of the meeting.  

2) Liz Bond was appointed as regular Chief Marshal.

With the help of these great volunteers we no longer have to plead over the tannoy for more help and we can avoid the dreaded pre-practice raffle to top-up the marshals numbers from the rider pool. There are also less obvious improvements, such as a more knowledgeable and skilled group of marshals.

However,  we can’t sit back and be complacent.  This will only continue to work if Nikki & Mark has a large pool of potential marshals to call upon before each meeting.  If you want to know more please contact any of the Pre65 Committee,  or email the Club Steward using the online form here.  You can also talk to us at the AGM or Telford Show.