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The AMCA have made an important change to the Classic Rule Book.  This now states that ALL riders must have a Number on their bike(s) that matches their AMCA licence. 

The issue of a small number of riders having different licence and racing numbers was raised at the annual AMCA Meeting of The Classic Clubs on Saturday 25th November 2023.  The Pre65 Club made the proposal that in future the Licence and Rider Numbers must be the same.  There was a unanimous vote from all the Club's present to accept the proposal. Therefore, this rule will be enforced by ALL AMCA clubs nationwide.

This will remove any misunderstandings with the Secretary Of The Meeting, at Technical Inspection, Pit Box and Medical Teams ..... Oh and spectators, when reading the programme, who keep the club solvent. 

The official wording is as follows

Competition Licence Applicants 

All new applicants will send a passport type photo, a rider will be issued with a licence card that they must take to all events.  

Licenced riders will be issued with an AMCA Classic Scrambles Race Number, riders must compete with this allocated race number at all AMCA Classic Scrambles events. One day licences will be allocated a race number by the organising club for that event only after entries have closed, AMCA licence holders will always receive preference over day licences. 


If anyone has any questions, or wants to ask for help to resolve a problem, please contact the AMCA office on 01543 466282.  The staff there are always friendly and helpful.