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Website Registrations

There are still some folk out there who have reregistered here on the Pre-65 Club website but for some reason haven't yet logged in.

This is probably due to the activation email sent to you getting lost somewhere  /  sent to spam folder (dig it out and white list it) / or the email address entered was incorrect - and for anyone with an AOL email address it would never have gotten to you due to an AOL quirk.

I have manually activated the following list of folk so anyone spotting themselves please try logging in with the details you entered when registering.

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Thank you from the Gt. Ormond St Hospital Charity

Download this file (gt_ormond_st-Jan_2017.pdf)gt_ormond_st-Jan_2017.pdf141 kBFri 20th Jan 2017

Thanks to you all and the generous top up from one of the landowners to make it a round £2000 for the Great Ormond Street Hospital, one of the world's leading children's hospitals.

AMCA Classic License Applications

In order to reduce the administrative burden of sorting those that have a current membership and those that do not, it is to first apply for Club membership and having received your receipt to then apply for your licence.

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Chief Marshal Required

The Pre 65 Motocross Club is in need of a volunteer/volunteers willing to act as Chief Marshal for each of our events this year.

No event can take place without a Chief Marshal.

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Website Update

Dec 24 Update.  Anyone ('fourstroke' & 'Allen507') who registered between 22nd Dec and 24th Dec, sorry but due to a glitch in the matrix you'll need to reregister again.

This website has been successfully moved to a new hosting server. Thank you for your patience while the new mobile friendly website has been built.

Previously registered members will need to reregister* to be able to post on the revamped forum and access the members only section. If you see any features missing or would like to see included, please drop me a message.

Unfortunately all the old forum content was lost in the move, so it's a blank canvas awaiting your new posts.

* Look towards the right-hand sidebar > Log-in pane > Create an account click and fill it in with;

  • Your name
  • User name (ideally including your race no. if you have one)
  • A password of your choosing that no one can guess ;-)
  • E-mail address

That's it and await an activation email that should come in a shortwhile or a bit later if I'm away from my 'puter - before logging in.