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Entries received for Marks Tey 27th May

Download this file (Riders pub list pdf 2018.pdf)Riders pub list pdf 2018.pdf35 kBWed 16th May 2018

2018 Magazine is out now!

Pre-65 Motocross Club Magazine Downloads

Pre65 2018 Magazine

 Cover Photo of #5 Jack Hubbard photo by Alan Cocksedge, distributed by Roger Chapman.

Website Outage

Sorry about the website being unavailable today, Monday, without a word of warning.  This was because of a typo in a postcode from over a decade ago being picked up by Nominet (the DVLA of UK internet domain names) causing them to trigger a suspension of the pre65.co.uk domain till it was rectfied to their satisfaction.

Thanks to Lesley being ever on call 24/7 we were able to correct the situation in just under 12 hours from when it first became apparent.

Oh what a tangled web...

Number Plate Colours

Further to the classics meeting at the AMCA on 18th November we have been asked to enforce the number plate colouring on your bikes from the first meeting next year (18th March) giving you plenty of time to get it right.

The colours are:

  • Pre 60 bikes -  white background with black numbers 
  • Pre 65 bikes -   black background with white numbers 
  • Pre74 bikes (1965-1973) -  red background with white numbers 

This is as per the rule book. We will be checking at scrutineering in March.

Website Registrations

There are still some folk out there who have reregistered here on the Pre-65 Club website but for some reason haven't yet logged in.

This is probably due to the activation email sent to you getting lost somewhere  /  sent to spam folder (dig it out and white list it) / or the email address entered was incorrect - and for anyone with an AOL email address it would never have gotten to you due to an AOL quirk.

I have manually activated the following list of folk so anyone spotting themselves please try logging in with the details you entered when registering.

Read more: Website Registrations

Notice of Pre65 Motocross Club Ltd, AGM 2018

Download this file (AGM Notice 28th January 2018.pdf)AGM Notice 28th January 2018.pdf117 kBTue 21st Nov 2017

Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of the Pre-65 Motocross Club Ltd will take place at 10.30am on Sunday 28th January 2018 at the Hatfield Peveral Village Hall, Maldon Road, Hatfield Peveral, Essex CM3 2HP to transact the following ordinary business.

Read more: Notice of Pre65 Motocross Club Ltd, AGM 2018

Thank you from the Gt. Ormond St Hospital Charity

Download this file (gt_ormond_st-Jan_2017.pdf)gt_ormond_st-Jan_2017.pdf141 kBFri 20th Jan 2017

Thanks to you all and the generous top up from one of the landowners to make it a round £2000 for the Great Ormond Street Hospital, one of the world's leading children's hospitals.

Benington Lordship



We have the required 90 entries! This meeting will be a one-day event Sunday 17th September only.

For this event we will be paying marshals £30 to help with travelling costs, If anyone can bring a marshal we will be very pleased to see them

New venue for 2017 September 17th. This is to be a one-day meeting with camping from Friday and Sunday will be a race day. The venue is Benington Lordship near Stevenage, Hertfordshire SG2 7LL - we are very privileged to be invited to this event - shedfeast - organised by the landowner and it could lead to further use of the land for the club. The committee are very excited about this event and need the support of our members to make it work.  This is a show event including vintage grass track and possibly a sprint. This is being held in the grounds of a castle/stately home. We will have our own separate MX track and pits. WE WILL NEED HELP FROM NOON SATURDAY FOR TRACK ERECTION..

The current regs have the wrong sidecar sponsorship the correct one is T&K Weaver Demolition.

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Chief Marshal Required

The Pre 65 Motocross Club is in need of a volunteer/volunteers willing to act as Chief Marshal for each of our events this year.

No event can take place without a Chief Marshal.

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The Coming Season!

With thoughts on the coming season it could well be a busy time once April arrives. Along with our own events at Marks Tey and Maylandsea is the Northampton Clubs meeting in between at Sproxton. Then, less than a week following Maylandsea, is the 2 day event at Mortimer taking in the 100 miler on Saturday 6th May, making it four weekends in a row for some.

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AMCA Classic License Applications

In order to reduce the administrative burden of sorting those that have a current membership and those that do not, it is to first apply for Club membership and having received your receipt to then apply for your licence.

Read more: AMCA Classic License Applications