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The Club needs to recruit more officials to ensure we are able to maintain the high number of meetings we put on every year.  In the short term we need more people with the AMCA Clerk of the Course (CoC) qualification. 

Remember, no Clerk of the Course or no Stewards = no meeting. As simple as that.

To do either job you will need to attend the AMCA one day CoC training course, and then pass the multiple-choice exam at the end of the day.  The Pre65 Club will cover the costs of training and you will be qualified for 3 years.

For each event we need to have two Stewards on duty on race day.  Both Stewards can race in a meeting but not in the same race. The Stewards ‘work’ for the AMCA on the day and ensure the meeting is run safely. Mainly you will need to stop unsafe activities e.g.; speeding in the paddock, riding without a helmet (even when bump-starting a bike!), pillion riding on a race bike, children riding a bicycle. For this duty the Club will pay you £40 or you will get a free meeting entry as a rider.

The Clerk of the Course is not allowed to race. They are the representative of the AMCA for the day ensuring all safety regulations are adhered to. They are the only one with the authority to red flag (stop) a race. They are expected to be around during track set-up to ensure it is laid out to the AMCA rules. If there is a serious incident, the Clerk of the Course would be expected to assist the AMCA/Authorities with any investigation into the cause and any non-compliance with the AMCA Rulebook. For this role the Club will pay you £100.

We would expect you to do the Steward role at two or three meetings to get some experience and shadow the current Clerk of the Course. Then you will be ready be Clerk of the Course for a meeting of your own.   

This year we are losing a few people with the Clerk of the Course qualification as their licence has run out.  They have all provided many years of their service and so it’s someone else’s turn.

If you’re interested then please contact any of the Club Committee members.  See us at the AGM on Sunday, at one of the meetings, or you can email the Club Secretary at .

You can read more about all the Meeting Officials duties and what’s in the Classic Rulebook on the AMCA website.