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The Pre65 Club Committee wanted to share with you our thoughts on when we can next run a meeting.  

We obviously need to wait until the authorities say we can go ahead.  That means the UK government, local council(s) and our governing body the AMCA.  The AMCA insures all our meetings, covering Competitors, Officials and Spectators which includes mechanics and family members. 

Once we get the go-ahead from them, we still have other challenges to face.  We must have suitable medical cover.  At the moment the medical teams we normally deal with are already working long hours supporting the country.  They are either unavailable or not keen to work on a rare day off.  They also have to consider the increased risks to themselves, and us, when mixing with additional people, close-up and personal.

We will need support from a large group of officials, most of which need to be qualified and/or trained to do the role.  The majority of those available are in one or more Covid “At Risk” groups due to age or health conditions.  They maybe “up for it” but that doesn’t mean it would be right to subject them to extra risk.

We also wanted to factor in the conditions.  On a warm sunny day, the risk of cross-infection will be much lower than a cold, dank day when everyone is huddling close together. The later we leave it the better chance of suitable weather.

Finally, on the subject of Covid19, we the club have a duty of care to everyone that attends our meetings.  This covers everything already mentioned, but it also includes other factors we need to consider, such as; the difficulty in keeping a distance during track setup/tear down. Is it right that we encourage people to mix from wide-spread parts of England and Wales.  Should we be running an event that could result in one or more people needing hospitalisation.

All of this is on top of the usual problems that the Committee has to deal with, such as weather affected tracks,  funding of events, consideration to local residents, etc.  

Sorry for such a long message, and well done if you got this far, but in short this is a complicated problem and we are trying our best to make the right decision.   We are of course open to ideas and thoughts, but at the end of the day the Committee are responsible and will make the best decision we can.

Please bear with us and rest assured we will get back racing as soon as sensible and ‘safe’ for all concerned.