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Due to ongoing Covid restrictions we are currently unable to plan a 2021 AGM, which is usually held each January. 

There is a formal notice available to read/download on the club website (under News, Newsletter.  note. you need to be logged in),  but one specific section we want to bring to your attention is as follow;

... the Pre-65 Committee have met via Zoom meetings and, provided no objections from Members, the Committee have agreed “… to ‘Roll-over’ the existing 2020 Committee into 2021, until such time that Members can meet.” - as Minuted from October Committee Zoom Meeting and these proposals ‘Agreed’ with  AMCA.   

2020-2021 Committee:

Chairman – Roy Crisp
Club Secretary – Julian Smith
Company Secretary – Amanda Austin
Treasurer – Lesley Willmore 
Membership – Dave Savill
Dave Austin
Roger Digby
Graham Eastall
Greg Radley
Mark Moss-Robins

Any objections, or comments on Club business, contact the Company Secretary: Amanda /Mandy Austin, Broadview Bungalow, The Street Brundish,Suffolk IP13 8BL. E mail: