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Marshal Fag

The Pre 65 Motocross Club is in need of a volunteer/volunteers willing to act as Chief Marshal for each of our events this year.

No event can take place without a Chief Marshal.


The Chief Marshal is responsible for:
a) Ensuring all track marshals have a copy of the instructions to marshals and that marshals understand it.
b) Appointing and positioning the track marshals, including track crossing, finish and the exit of the track.
c) Ensuring each track marshal is correctly positioned and protected and able to observe the portion of the circuit between his point and the next marshalling point in the direction in
which the riders are travelling. Riders who may stop should be urged to remove their machines from the track as quickly as possible.
d) Ensuring all marshals are to have all flags required.
e) Briefing all marshals before practice commences.
e) Monitoring the marshals throughout the day and assisting them and the Clerk of the Course with any issues.

The Chief Marshal is NOT permitted to ride on the day.

In addition, the ability to assist with track repairs would be beneficial but is not an absolute necessity.

Please contact the Club Secretary if you are prepared to help fill this role or for further information.